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Many of our clients have purchased packaged solutions or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products to meet their business and technical requirements as an alternative to building custom solutions from the ground up. For some clients, a packaged product can meet their organization's needs much faster and require less money up-front than a custom-built solution. Over the years, PruTech has worked with hundreds of different software products as part of the end technology solution provided to our clients.

PruTech assists clients who have already selected a product and are looking for help with the strategy and implementation of their new software. PruTech also assist clients searching for a product for their organization, but need assistance with the vetting and selection process.

As an organization, we are impartial to a specific software company or product and aim to define our client's requirements first and then help their organization select the best products.

On this page, we have listed some of the most popular software products for various systems that our clients need on a regular basis. If you have an interest in learning more about any of the products presented, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the various products in more detail, walk through the product's key features and provide demos of the products full capabilities.


Case Management

Improve Collaboration and Task Management

A Case Management System endeavors to improve the performance of an organization by putting key information front-and-center for their employees. Case Management allows multiple individuals to react, manage and solve critical problems, proposals, claims, requests or other complex activities. With an efficient Case Management System, an organization can manage key business issues throughout its lifecycle and more accurately ensure complete resolution of any task.

PruTech Solutions has implemented many Case Management Systems for various organizations. From financial institutions to government entities to law firms and healthcare organizations, PruTech has defined the strategies, workflows, and implementation plans to improve collaboration and information management for any organization.

Popular Case Management Software

Dell EMC
IBM Case Manager

Content Management System (CMS)

Manage Your Content More Effectively

Finding the right Content Management System (CMS) can be a very confusing and difficult for any organization. There are thousands of CMS products in the marketplace today and selecting the best product to meet business objectives and budget needs can be a challenging process.

PruTech Solutions worked with many different CMS products and helped select the best products to meet the content user's needs, technical requirements, security protocols and administrative objectives. Our team can help your organization define requirements, create an effective content governance strategy, produce intuitive user interface design, implement selected CMS solution per your specifications, fully test and configure the solution and deploy the final product on your servers or on the cloud.

We can also train content authors, administrative staff and technical teams to understand and support the newly implemented solution.

Popular CMS Software

Microsoft SharePoint

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Create Better Customer Relationships

Regardless of your industry, knowing more about your customers and how they interact with your organization is a very helpful tool. Many organizations are eager to invest in CRM technology as part of a determined effort to better understand, manage and grow their customer base. However, without creating a proper direction and strategy, implementing a CRM solution might not bring optimal results and strong user adoption within an organization.

Creating a clear roadmap and outlining what will be tracked and how the customer data will be managed will make the solution more effective and improve communication processes with your customers. Our team can help your organization select the right product, create a strong CRM strategy, design an effective integration plan, build a strong implementation process, establish a comprehensive change management approach and train your staff on how best to use and manage your new CRM solution.

Popular CRM Software

Microsoft Dynamics


Lower Your Costs and Increase Your Margins

Establishing an e-commerce system will provide your business the ability to sell and promote products 24 / 7. Creating an online product catalog creates thousands of keyword terms that will help reach new potential clients and target your ideal market. PruTech has many years of experience helping our clients establish a strong brand and build closer relationships with their customers through an improved purchasing experience.

Whether you are updating your current platform or setting up a new online store, PruTech can help your organization properly navigate through the complex process of launching an e-commerce website. With our guidance and programming expertise, we will assist your team in selecting the right product and creating an e-commerce strategy that will create cost-saving efficiencies and build an automated cycle of repeat business for your organization.

Popular Ecommerce Software


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Streamline Processes to Foster Growth

Large or small businesses are aware that implementing an ERP solution is a critical process to streamline business operations and eliminate redundant processes. A well implemented RPS solution will help organizations save money, improve company forecasting and increase collaboration between departments.

An ERP deployment is a major undertaking, but PruTech Solutions can reduce the complexity and make the entire process less painful. With proper planning and execution, PruTech will work with your organization to implement an ERP system to quickly improve efficiency across your company and ensure minimal disruption in current business.

Popular ERP Software


Enterprise Search

Enable Better Collaboration Across Your Organization

Most companies only utilize search tools on their websites and e-commerce sites. What if you could search across your entire organization for everything you needed to effectively do your job? The ability to complete a simple search for resources, documents, products, competitors, etc. gets important business information in the hands of people that will benefit your entire organization.

Many search engine projects fail to deliver on their full capabilities – not because of the limitations in selected search software – but through poor implementation of that software. PruTech's proven process of enterprise search implementations will provide a fast, effective and secure access to your corporate knowledge for your employees.

Popular Enterprise Search Software

Hawk Search
Microsoft Fast
IBM Watson

IT Service Management

Provide Better IT Service Management

PruTech can work with many different IT service management (ITSM) products to deliver reliable IT services to their customers or internal employees. ITSM software will help your organization provide a platform to better manage and facilitate incidents, issues and service requests. Many of these products provide simple workflow processes that can be configured to meet your specific organizational requirements and technical support needs. These systems can be integrated with self-service portals to show status of tickets and allow users to see progress of their specific service requests. Online portals can also provide self-servicing features to reduce calls into your help desk team.

Popular IT Service Management Software

JIRA Service Desk

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