InsightR360 is an advanced analytics application built on big data platform to collect, store and analyze structured and unstructured information from formal and informal touchpoints. It provides a deeper & real-time view of customer sentiments for the purpose of defining/adjusting tactical and strategic directions that reduce customer turnover and improve customer satisfaction, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Why InsightR360?

In today's highly competitive marketplace, data driven organizations want to be savvy in understanding customer needs and issues in real-time. With multiple customer touchpoints, data formats & data processing needs, it is not a trivial task to collect and analyze the data. InsightR360 provides high-level dashboards for executives and reports for operations that give valuable and timely insights into topics important to customers, broken down by products and departments.

How InsightR360 is different?

InsightR360 is an advanced analytics platform with ability to ingest any data type with any format to build actionable intelligence by performing text (including machine learning and NLP) and audio analytics to derive customer sentiments. This solution is highly scalable and works natively on big data technology.

InsightR360 : Key features

  • Dashboards & Visualizations
  • Pluggable & SOA Architecture
  • Real-time
  • Built on Big Data technologies
  • Events and Notifications capabilities
  • Customizable Data Dictionary
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Audio and Text Analytics (NLP)
  • Machine Learning components

Data Collection

Multi-platform Data Collection Solution

  • Product pulls in a variety of the data including - audio files from customer service calls, customer emails from email server, chat history, customer profile information, past transactions etc.
  • Data Collector module is highly customizable and pluggable, supporting quick integration with new data sources.
  • Variety of data sources are supported, for e.g. - HDFS, RDBMS, Kafka, File Systems, Cloud Storage, APIs etc.
  • During the data collection, unstructured content is structured as much as possible - for e.g. - audio content is converted to text, email content is extracted etc.
  • Maintain Data Lineage

Data Pre-processing

Intuitive Data Processing Algorithm

  • InsightR360 processes, co-relates & analyzes all the data to find relevance and sentiment, broken down by product category, products, departments, customer demographics, negative / positive sentiments etc.
  • One of the key metadata used for the analytics is the Data Dictionary. There are two types Data Dictionaries used:
    • In-built Data Dictionary - the standard list of the terms that are used for text mining and categorization to support the sentiment analytics such as positive/negative expressions, states, locations etc.
    • Customizable Data Dictionary - InsightR360 allow users to build a configurable data dictionary to customize the data analytics. Data dictionary sets up the context for current environment, customer, industry such as list of product names, product classes, departments, channels, customer demographics, etc.
  • Lastly, the analytics process runs in a batch mode to produce results that are stored for on-demand visualization.

Data Analytics

Intelligent Analysis of Data for Maximum Business Value

  • Analyze the data driven topics segmented by product class and product names.
  • Analyze the data driven topics by customer demographics.
  • Analyze the data driven topics by the lost customers to find the top topics.
  • Apply the known topics to the current customers to figure out the customers at risk of leaving and raise alerts.
  • Analyze the data driven topics by customer service groups and reps.


Customized Dashboards and Reporting for all Business Functions

  • The base version of InsightR360 visualization is configured automatically based on the input data and data dictionary. However, the UI is highly customizable and supports strong set of visualization options.
  • Visualization is very scalable and built on open source tools.
  • Separate visualizations can be configured for executives vs. operations team/manager.

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