PruTech provides IT services for Wall Street firms. Our Capital Markets experience enables us to provide the best business solutions for our clients. We are committed to supporting our client's business goals and have been serving our Capital Markets clients for over 20 years by providing them with innovative IT and business solutions.

PruTech provides customized solutions in all the areas of Capital Markets including but not limited to: Analytics, Risk Management, Trading, Operations, Regulatory Reporting, and Compliance. We have executed several projects in Fixed Income, Equities, Foreign Exchange, Money Markets, and Mortgage-Backed Securities.


Financial Solutions

Big Data Solutions and Framework

New Financial Derivatives Product Discovery using Big Data

PruTech is currently working with customers to help create innovative products analyzing and building new statistical models on large amounts of market data. The size of data is making it impossible for customers to process and analyze using the legacy relational database technologies.

Sensing this, PruTech aims to not only help our customers achieve its goals, but take this further and convert this use case into a data platform that could be used by any company, regardless of size, without worrying about buying, downloading-uploading data to their servers and maintaining it. The platform will become a cost effective solutions to test new statistical models quickly without spending money on data, servers and administration.

Credit Risk Management System

Managing credit exposure for clients and counterparties becomes a critical part of the overall risk management for any financial institution. Credit Risk becomes a critical part of the purposes of exposure calculation and aggregation, credit limit approval and management, and credit exposure reporting. The Credit Risk Management System (CRMS) will perform these functions for Corporate Investment Banking and certain Capital Management trading exposures (primarily for counterparty risk), and country risk across any financial organization.

Customer Risk Tolerance

The purpose of this system is to assess the customer's overall risk exposure, including personal bank loans, mortgages, home equity lines, credit cards, and other short term borrowings from all sources. This overall risk exposure gives financial institutions the ability to assess whether the banks can lend money to the customer without compromising the customer's ability to pay back.

Mobile Applications

PruTech provides its clients custom mobile applications that have intuitive user interfaces and have cross-platform coverage to work with all the popular mobile platforms and mobile-enabled technologies. PruTech's application design incorporates scalability and interoperability allowing the applications to operate effectively with future technological advancements.

Website Development

PruTech works with its clients to create custom website designs that are easy-to-use, attractive and most importantly effective. Our custom web design services provide online corporate solutions that will drive more traffic to our client's site and produce more sales for their organization.

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