Government Solutions

More than ever before, citizens, businesses, and employees expect their governments to deliver customer-facing solutions that make it easy to interact with the government at all levels. PruTech management takes pride in working with government agencies to facilitate excellent service. Deep knowledge of the government domain has always been the PruTech hallmark. We know the government business place and its drivers, from internal demands, such as the expectations of the restructured management, to external demands from citizens and the unique legal environments in which governments operate. While we move toward enabling an e-world, we maintain our awareness that governments change at different rates and will need custom-designed paths to help them reach their goals. PruTech offers a full spectrum of services to guide our clients through transformation. In dealing with our government partners, we not only believe in implementing IT projects but strive to provide complete business solutions. This helps us and in turn helps our partners serve the public in a more efficient and reliable manner. Our valued customers in this area include agencies at the city, state, and federal level. 

Value addition for our government partners:

  • Custom solutions to improve business operations
  • Tailoring modern technology around legacy systems
  • Infrastructure consolidation for streamlined business units
  • Cost effectiveness in view of economic constraints
  • Move towards Enterprise Architecture
  • Future technologies implemented today.

Being a small, woman-owned business (MWBE/SDB), we have maintained a highly trimmed organization structure. This allows our valued government customers to deal directly with senior management on key issues without getting tangled in layers of bureaucracy. This saves time and money at all levels when it comes to making critical, time-sensitive decisions.

We deliver impeccable products and services for each assignment we are involved in, irrespective of the size and/or complexity of the project. Our work has been exemplary on performance-based Task Orders (TO) awarded under Time & Materials (T&M), Cost plus Fixed Fee (CPFF), Cost plus Award Fee (CPAF) or Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) contracts.