PruTech has developed a group benefits program to supplement our employees’ regular wages. Eligibility to participate is determined by specific plan terms, employment type, client contract, and hours normally worked and regularly scheduled. Our company also provides insurance programs as mandated by state and federal law for all employees.

Our current benefits program includes health insurance, short-term disability insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, worker’s compensation, and paid time off. Employees may enroll in eligible benefit plans after satisfying the waiting period (wherever applicable).

Due to the nature of our business, employees working on certain client contracts may not be entitled to some or all of the benefits. This would normally be communicated to the employee prior to the beginning of employment or the starting of a new client project.

PruTech reserves the right to terminate any or all benefit plans or to change the plan provisions, benefit structure, or employee cost allocations as necessary. In the event such changes are made, the company will provide reasonable notice to employees regarding any changes.

Employee Referral Program

If PruTech hires an external candidate referred by an employee, the employee is eligible to receive up to a $1000 reward after the new hire has successfully completed three months of continuous service.

To be considered for this reward, the employee must inform the hiring manager in writing prior to the candidate being contacted. Recruiters and senior management are not eligible for this benefit.

Work Visa Sponsorships

PruTech sponsors various work visas for programmer analysts, software engineers, business analysts, project/program managers, and other professionals who possess the education and skills required.

Based on the employee’s background and history with the company, PruTech may also provide assistance on immigrant visa (Green Card) applications.